Don’t Just Live With the Dangers of Old Wiring

If you have an older Los Angeles home, you might be living with old residential wiring. That means that the wires behind the walls of your Los Angeles home could be of the knob and tube variety that’s made of ceramic parts. Or, it could mean that the wires behind the walls of your home are cloth wrapped Romex or perhaps made out of aluminum. Finally, if the electrical sockets in your home are two-pronged instead of the modern three-pronged then you really need to call My Los Angeles Electrician Hero.

What’s the Danger?

The fact is that you might need to call us for a house rewire job. Old wiring poses numerous hazards. The old wiring that was used in Los Angeles homes were never meant to carry the amount of electricity that modern appliances and devices use. That can cause the wiring to become damaged and dangerous which can lead to fires that start behind the walls of your home. And a home with only two -pronged outlets is not grounded, which poses a shock hazard to anyone plugging in devices in your Los Angeles home

How Big Is the Job?

Well, a home rewiring job takes a few days. However, if that just made you cringe, don’t worry. You don’t have to move yourself and your family out of the home while we word. Instead, our qualified and affordable electricians move from room to room and do the rewiring that way. Thus, you don’t have to shut down the power inside your Los Angeles homes during the entire job.

Do You Tear Down Walls?

The wires are behind the walls, yes. However, as the best licensed electrician in Los Angeles, CA, we have methods in removing the old residential wiring and replacing it with new wiring without having to tear down walls. A house rewire done that way leaves little in the way of damage.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the size of your home. So, call us today and talk to us about residential rewiring in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll get an honest and friendly electrician out to your home fast and provide a free estimate.

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